Accessible Renovations

At Anden Design/Build, we know that renovations are often done for more than just aesthetic and home improvement purposes. This is why we offer accessible home remodeling to ensure your home is barrier-free and fully accessible. Our goal is to make sure your home is safe, accessible and allows for maximum independence.  

Types of Accessible Renovations 

We provide our customers in London, Ontario and the surrounding areas with renovations to meet the special needs of many individuals, including those who rely on wheelchairs and senior citizens who wish to age in place. Our accessible renovations can include some of the following elements and everything in between: 

  • Ramps for the outside of the home and inside of the garage 

  • Remodeled accessible bathrooms with walk-in showers and bathtubs and raised toilet seat with extender arms 

  • Installation of handrails, grab bars and lever-style of door handles 

  • Installation of kitchen and bathroom countertops at accessible heights with special cabinet pullouts 

  • Electrical switches at more accessible heights  

  • Installation of elevators, lifts and other mobility devices 

Renovations can be made anywhere in your home to improve your functionality and independence but we find that most customers prefer to focus on the following areas as they are where accidents are most likely to occur: 

  • Kitchens 

  • Bathrooms 

  • Outdoors & Entry Ways  

Accessibility Tax Credits 

If you are a senior citizen who is 65 years or older living in Ontario, you might be eligible for the Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit. This tax credit helps make it more affordable for seniors to make their homes safer and more accessible as they continue to age. You’ll be able to claim up to $10,000 worth of eligible home improvements on your next tax return, regardless of your income. The exact amount of money you can get back is calculated as 15% of the eligible expenses you claim. You are also eligible for this tax credit if you are living with a family member who is a senior citizen and have made improvements to your own home.  

As with all Anden home renovations, an accessible renovation begins with a free estimate where we determine the scope of the work and give you an estimate and timeline for project completion. Once you’ve approved the project, we’ll begin work and when we finish, you will enjoy a two-year limited warranty on your renovation. 

Please contact us today for more information or to arrange for one of our contractors to give you a free estimate.